Kagando Mission Hospital Foundation

uganda, east africa

P.O. Box 723, Dorset, Vermont, USA 05251

Board of Directors

Joseph C. Bamford, Jr., M.D. - President

Reverend Benson Baguma - Vice President

Susan H. Bamford - Secretary

Tom Flannery - Treasurer

Roy D. Shaffer, M.D.

Rev. Uzziah Maate Kiriaghe

The Honorable Ellen H. Maloney

Sue & Joe Bamford

have experience as medical missionaries in Africa and the West Indies, as well as with urban minorities and native Americans in the United States. They were inspired by the people and programs at Kagando when they visited the hospital and surrounding communities in 2003. The friendliness of the people and the innovative approach to daunting challenges was heartening. They were encouraged to see how much can be accomplished with little when collegial efforts are not encumbered by the bureaucracy typical of so many organizations.

Benson Baguma

was born in a village across the valley from Kagando. His religious faith and commitment to helping his people help themselves provide inspiration to all who work with him. He constantly faces the conflict between his compassion for the disadvantaged and the harsh realities of obtaining means to improve their lives.

Tom Flannery

is a Certified Public Accountant and a partner in the accounting firm of Malesardi, Quackenbush, Swift & Company LLC in Englewood, New Jersey. He is responsible for the firm's not for profit practice consisting of over sixty organizations and serves on the boards of several of them. His involvement with groups serving in East Africa gives him first hand appreciation of the special challenges faced by the disadvantaged there.

Roy Shaffer

grew up with parents who were religious missionaries to the Masai in Kenya. He was raised and schooled with his Masai friends. With the exception of college and medical school in the U.S., Roy and his family have lived and served in Africa. Besides ministering to the Masai and working with the "Flying Doctors" in Kenya, he was involved in several projects at Kagando in past years. He brings a lifetime of African experience to the Foundation.

Uzziah Kiriaghe

is a former director of KARUDEC. He guided the institution through the perilous insurgency and immediate post-war period. Recently, he completed his Doctorate in Community Development at the University of Southern New Hampshire on a scholarship from the Ford Foundation. He returned to Uganda to serve his countrymen.

Ellen Maloney

is a Vermont State Superior Court Judge with 25 years experience on the bench. With a MA Degree in African History/Education and extensive experience in probate law, she is especially interested in helping KARUDEC develop programs dealing with financial access and inheritance rights of women and children. Ellen has on-site experience reviewing community programs at Kagando.