Kagando Mission Hospital Foundation

uganda, east africa

P.O. Box 723, Dorset, Vermont, USA 05251

Medical Staff

volunteerVolunteer doctors are needed to help the Ugandan physicians on staff. Both generalists and specialists would be welcome. Of particular need are specialists in surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics and obstetrics/gynecology who are able to provide hands-on instruction as well as service. Medical students are encouraged to serve their senior electives at Kagando.

Nurses and nurse-midwife volunteers would be especially helpful to augment the instructors at the Nurse-Midwifery Training School. Those experienced in public health and community outreach programs are needed for project development, implementation and evaluation. General duty nurses can make invaluable contributions helping the frequently depleted staff in the wards and clinics.


An indivdual experienced in hydraulics and sanitation could provide expertise and assistance for the water distribution project.


The KARUDEC management team is seeking a volunteer with experience in office management, bookkeeping and data processing to improve and update their practices.