Kagando Mission Hospital Foundation

uganda, east africa

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Both the primary and nursery schools were started in the 1970's to educate the children of hospital employees who came from distant parts of Uganda. However, they did not only benefit the hospital workers, but also provided schooling for children in the community.

schoolAs the demands on the schools increased, more space was required. Not only were teaching and recreation space insufficient, sanitary facilities for the growing number of youngsters were unsatisfactory.

A separate structure for the nursery school has been completed. This has allowed for increased space in the primary school. The new structure has classrooms, acceptable toilet facilities, a small kitchen to prepare breakfast and noontime porridge, and an enclosed recreation area. Funding for the project was provided by hospital employees, community parents, local councils and non-government partners overseas. Both schools are serving as role models for other schools being established in the surrounding countryside.

It is important to emphasize that the primary and nursery schools are essential services, not only to the community, but to the KARUDEC staff. Without them, recruitment of hospital and nursing school personnel, often from distant locales, would be next to impossible.

The greatest challenge is to attract and retain well trained and qualified teachers. Tuition fees and government support do not provide salaries commensurate with those available in more urban areas. Funds are also needed for school supplies, furniture and an additional classroom.