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Sue & Joe Bamford’s Recent Trip to Uganda

africa 2012 1930 CopyJoe, Sue and Dr. Mary AsingeHaving just returned from a site visit to Kagando Hospital, we are pleased to report that projects currently funded by the Foundation are operating effectively, and the accountings of funds spent are in order.

We were the honored guests at the dedication of the new neonatal unit. The building, furnishings and equipment were funded by us and a grant from the Ross Foundation. It can accommodate as many as 40 bassinets and has bathrooms and a laundry for mothers. The dedication ceremony was marked by speeches, singing and prayers. It was attended by the hospital staff, local government officials, clergy and teachers. The bishop of the diocese presided and he was assisted by the district governor. Accompanied by much fanfare, we were presented with a commemorative scroll which expressed gratitude for our support and the generosity of our donors.

Many hours were spent planning the details of the next gravity flow water project which will be a two line extension of the Kajwenge project which has recently been completed. Construction of Kajwenge was in three phases from 2009 to 2011 at a cost of $113,700.00. Also, we have earmarked $14,000.00 to update the oldest, 42 year old line in the system. This includes replacing the concrete retaining basin at the source. Without question, our support of the water projects is the most important and cost effective. Preventing water related diseases saves countless lives, thousands of hours required for water gathering, caring for sick family members, and the precarious financial resources of tens of thousands who are able to avoid clinic visits and hospitalizations.


We reviewed the funding of our ongoing smaller projects which include traditional birth attendants, community health workers, microfinance, the animal exchange program and aid to the disabled.

Our resources have been severely depleted this year as a result of funding the initiatives described herein. Thus, our need for contributions is as great as it has ever been. None of these completed, ongoing and future projects would be possible without the continuing support of our donors.